Letter — Thank you, Trumbull

To the Editor:

Fourteen years ago, with no knowledge of Connecticut, my husband and I settled in Trumbull. Five months pregnant and first-time homeowners, we dropped our anchor on Green Acres Lane and began our journey as parents, neighbors and citizens in this town that we now call home.

I have watched my girls grow, mature and succeed in our years here. I leave countless memories and friends as our journey in this special place comes to an end. Sadly, most human resource departments never consider the reimbursement of happiness when they choose to relocate employees. One cannot put a price on the memory of my toddler dancing at Old Mine Park or splashing in the shallows at Beaches Pool.

With only a week to go in Trumbull, time is at a premium. I’ve said many ‘see you laters’ to the friends who now have a permanent place in my heart, but I wanted some of the unsung heroes of the town to know that they were appreciated along the way.

To the Public Works Department — thank you for losing sleep to keep the roads clear of snow and debris. I never was able to express my gratitude in person for this important service.

To the Police and Fire Departments — than you for keeping us safe. A special thank you to Officer Wes, Tom Clements and Mr. Proudfoot who looked after my girls in school and always offered a daily greeting and smile.

To the administration staff at Daniels Farm and Hillcrest — I know how hard you work to keep the chaos in check. Thank you for all the invisible things you do to help make our schools great. The parents are lucky to have you!

Finally, a special thank you to Studio D in Monroe, the Trumbull Pisces, Mike Mcgrath and Steve Moran for creating lifelong friendships, and a love of swim and music.

Our possessions and physical bodies will now reside in Boston, but our hearts and memories will linger on in town. May the new owners of our home find the same happiness we have had here.

Thank you, Trumbull.

Joanne Johnson