Letter: Tesoro will make smart, informed fiscal decisions

To the Editor:

Though I am a relative “newcomer” to Trumbull (I have been here five years now), I am excited to support Vicki Tesoro for first selectman. She knows this community, is focused on it, and will foster an inclusive atmosphere of consensus building leading to action that will make our hometown a better place.

I had the opportunity to talk with Vicki at a community picnic this past summer, and found her very approachable — willing to listen, have a discussion, and answer questions.

I concluded that Vicki is concerned like I am about our town’s adding expensive administrative and executive positions with long-term contracts, the extensive and expensive litigation with neighboring towns, and the culture of secrecy that has enveloped Town Hall. I am disappointed that as a small community, we cannot count on transparency or open discussion ahead of decisions from our own elected officials. To me, it indicates a basic lack of respect.

We all know that in the rest of the world, long-term contracts are hard to come by. We all know how we have to try and spend less but smarter, both in our business situations and on the home front. Our town government is no different – especially because tough choices must be made on how to allocate finite resources, transparency and inclusion of all points of view (including constituents) is essential.

I hope you will make the time on Nov. 3 and join me in voting for Vicki Tesoro.
Susan Schaaf