To the Editor:

I want to thank all the 5,499 voters who expressed confidence in me on Nov. 3. While we did not achieve the across the board results we were hoping for, I am elated at the progress we made!

I am very proud of the campaign we waged. We pledged to be positive, issues oriented and fact based and we were true to our word. We had over 200 Trumbull volunteers and I want to thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart. In spite of what you may have heard, the State Democratic Party played virtually no role in our campaign. We raised our own money, we wrote our own campaign material, and our campaign manager was a Trumbull volunteer. Our campaign was a Trumbull effort by Trumbull citizens.

The best part was that we had fun doing it. We met so many wonderful Trumbull citizens who took the time to speak to us and share their ideas and their concerns. It was particularly gratifying to see the energy and enthusiasm that our young citizens displayed during this campaign. They are the future of our town and our country and their participation in the electoral process is essential.

When you consider how close the results were, you realize that our message of civility, transparency and basic fairness resonated with the voters. Our citizens want civility not just in words but in actions. They want to have the opportunity to be full participants in open governmental processes and they want our citizen volunteers to be treated with respect and fairness at all times. Since the election my opponent has stated words to the effect that we are not Republicans, Democrats, or Unaffiliated voters but Trumbull citizens who all want a better Town and I agree with that but, we have heard this before and once the dust settles it became business as usual. We can’t allow that to happen again this time. Everyone who was elected must be measured by their actions, not just words.

So, what is next? The members of Team Tesoro who were elected will put forward a positive agenda based on our campaign platform. We expect that we will be informed of all vacancies on boards and commissions and that our nominees will be given a full and fair hearing. We will help make Trumbull an even better Community.

A few have asked what I will do. I will continue my volunteer activities that are my passion and look for opportunities to participate in government activities. I will continue to speak up on issues that I believe in and work to build upon the foundation we have built so the Democratic Party in Trumbull remains strong and active. In congratulating my opponent, I pledge to work constructively with him.

Stay involved, stay informed and thank you for your support and kindness!
 Vicki Tesoro