Letter — Tesoro offers common sense and integrity

To begin, I am a fiscally conservative Republican. I believe in small, but sensible, government. I have lived in Trumbull for 21 years and have seen a of lot of change over this time. I remember moving to a friendly, small town where we had year-round community events such as the Halloween festival, the Winter festival, and Trumbull Day at the end of June, near the Fourth of July with traditional fireworks that my kids could enjoy during the warm break from school. I remember concerts at Indian Ledge and playgrounds and pools ready and waiting on the first days after school let out.

What I don’t remember about this time was spending my hard-earned money on things like legal opinions, lawsuits and expensive land purchases and architectural renderings for community projects not yet approved. What I don’t remember was my town government claiming to be small, while expanding expenditures by requiring a legal opinion for almost every decision at taxpayer expense. What I don’t remember is the chaos of a proposed community center that I feel is a want and not a need during our current state budget crisis. What I don’t remember was divisive rhetoric that pitted neighbor against neighbor.

I have listened to Vicki Tesoro and her team. I like what I hear. She is a smart tax professional who understands the value of the dollar. She is a longtime resident and town volunteer who has spent countless hours attending meetings so that she is up to speed on the issues. She is a common-sense person of exceptional integrity who values input and research before reaching a judgment. She is someone who will put Trumbull before herself and will work tirelessly to bring back the town that I remember. I am a Republican and I am voting for Vicki Tesoro and her team on Nov. 7.