Letter — Tesoro is the voice of reason

This past week Vicki Tesoro outlined how she would transform Trumbull’s government. Finally, we have a voice of reason that is speaking out not as a politician, but as someone who wants to bring Trumbull back to its roots — while looking forward and embracing technology to improve our quality of life.

It’s so important to me to see that Mrs. Tesoro fully understands that a strong and effective town government needs to be inclusive and responsible to all residents, regardless of party affiliation. Our current boards are structured so that it’s virtually impossible to have an impact if you’re in the minority party, making it incredibly frustrating to keep involved when your voice is never heard.

Mrs. Tesoro’s commitment to term limits helps ensure that our elected officials remain responsive to our needs. Her plan for charter revisions to return the board of education to a body of six members with staggered terms is just logical for a group that is responsible for the largest portion of our town budget.

We absolutely need to return to staggered terms so that we have members with experience in place to help newly elected members understand the intricacies of a very complicated budget that must be voted on shortly after an election.

Mrs. Tesoro will also require the Town Council to have all the needed materials related to a vote, seven calendar days before a vote. Isn’t that just common sense? How on earth can you intelligently decide on a matter without having all the necessary costs and details?

A perfect example is the proposed senior or community center. We don’t even know what type of center we are proposing at this point. Which is it? Have the uses and needs of the community even been studied? We’ve gone back and forth on the need for a referendum. Our current charter is very vague about the trigger point.

Charter revision to clarify the referendum process is something we as residents should all embrace. Boards or commissions shouldn’t be able to cherry pick individual costs associated with a project and disregard inconvenient additional costs simply to avoid a referendum.

I was thrilled to read that Mrs. Tesoro wants to incorporate more technology as a tool to make the town more cost effective and interactive. She proposed a town app that would keep residents in the loop on projects, meetings and town happenings. Great idea! Our current system is sorely lacking in transparency and has allowed decisions to be made in private-- keeping many residents ill-informed. People are busy with work and family obligations, often making town meetings difficult to attend. Mrs. Tesoro’s initiative to live stream meetings and events would enable those who aren’t always able to sit in the audience an opportunity to become involved. The time is now to make change and move Trumbull in the right direction.