Letter — Tesoro is the person Trumbull needs

As a social worker/educator with the Trumbull school system I am professionally invested in assuring that town political leaders sensibly understand both the academic and social/emotional/mental health needs of our students and have the ability to prioritize and staunchly advocate for our town’s children. Taxpayers rightfully expect that monies are spent wisely with the best interests of students in mind, and with a clear and uncompromised support for the mission and core values stated as policy of our award winning school system.

Public school teachers care deeply about their students. Educators understand that schools provide more than just a focus on academic achievement; they have a civic responsibility to prepare individuals to work together, not only for personal gain but for society’s as well. This requires resources and support to teach the whole child. A functioning democracy requires an educated citizenry.

I know Vicki for many years and believe that she would bring a variety of skills and student centered sensibilities as First Selectman in Trumbull with a laser focus on assuring that our students are afforded the necessary opportunities, supports and resources to compete in a fast-paced world that demands more and more skills to maximize academic and social/emotional learning.

In conversations with Vicki I know her to be an astute and fair person, with a generous, kind and sincere spirit.

Vicki’s educational platform is well conceived with a fiscally responsible expansion of academic, practical life skills and mental health resources. Vicki will strongly advocate for system-wide small class sizes, integration of state of the art technology, enhanced curricular innovation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), quality programming for the arts, and will propose fiscally prudent infrastructure improvements.

Vicki is just the person that Trumbull needs as first selectman to get this job done, with a spirit of collaboration, compromise and a healthy respect for competing views and alternatives.

Vicki has my vote for being the right person who will bring a renewed commitment to the true value and imperative of educating our town’s students, one that brings innumerable benefits to our children, their families, our community, and, by extension, our society.
David Weitzman