Letter — Tesoro is in tune with Trumbull

This weekend my husband and I had the pleasure of having longtime friends over for a visit. While reminiscing of when we were parents of younger children, the thought occurred to me that many newer parents of Trumbull may not know what First Selectman Candidate, Vicki Tesoro, will do for our children when given the opportunity.

I don’t want to give the impression I speak for Vicki Tesoro, because I don’t. I have gone to the VickiforTrumbull.com website and reviewed her platform on the issues. One of the issues listed in the tab is Youth Programs. I know firsthand that she takes the welfare of the Trumbull youth very seriously. You just need to review her resume to know she has worked for many years for our children in town.

Mrs. Tesoro will work with our children to be sure their input is heard by those who make the decisions that affect them directly. She has stated in her Youth Programs Platform that she will consult with our teens, add youth appointments to town committees where appropriate, and ensure the Recreation Department has the support for necessary programs/events. This is huge for our children because they are the future of our town, community and beyond.

We were lucky enough to have our children young in a time when this town was hopping with activities for them to participate. The Teen Center at Indian Ledge was utilized for many teen activities often, Trumbull had a Youth Commission to oversee such activities, the Trumbull Youth Association was an independent budget line item and had all year long activities encouraging the sense of community among teens. Mrs. Tesoro’s platform shows she in tune to these changes that must take place.

For 28 years I have lived in this beautiful Town. I have seen many changes. Some good changes have been made but many not so good. I encourage you all to go to VickiforTrumbull.com and educate yourself before you vote on November 7.