Letter: Tesoro is an inspiring leader, will bring a brighter future to Trumbull

To the Editor:

Those who know me know that few things excite me more than talking about policy-making in Washington, D.C. However, upon learning that Vicki Tesoro is running for first selectman, I could not be happier to voice my support for this wonderful candidate, and help enact a much needed change in local politics.

Vicki Tesoro was always a familiar face I that could count on to be at any Trumbull High event while I was a student there. As a member and president of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), I worked closely with her and the rest of TPAUD to host the Underage Drinking Forum as well as foster the uncomfortable, yet necessary, conversation regarding the underage drinking culture in our town. From encouraging me and my peers to be student activists, to assisting in our academic endeavors as a volunteer for the We The People program, Vicki is a leader who inspires others to lead.

It is rare that you find an individual so invested in education and the local community after her children have already graduated from the school system. You can be sure that Vicki will continue her efforts to build a better and brighter future for Trumbull as first selectman. Vicki Tesoro is a model citizen and I can think of no one better to hold this position.
 Tina Lapsia
Trumbull High School ‘12