Letter — Tesoro has sound fiscal plan

I have lived in Trumbull for almost 30 years. While we may belong to different political parties, we have all the same concerns. Local politics is well, local. We are concerned about the best education for our children. We are concerned about raising our families and living in a safe and welcoming environment. We are concerned with the overall quality of our lives.

We all know that we must pay taxes, but we want our elected officials to spend our hard-earned dollars wisely. While I have been involved in town politics, I have never been political, and I have never publicly endorsed anyone. Until now.

We are currently facing a $2.8 million shortfall in our town budget. Only one candidate for first selectman has proposed any of the spending cuts necessary to balance this budget, without imposing new taxes or cutting education or public safety - Vicki Tesoro.

As a member of the Board of Finance, Vicki proposed $2 million in spending cuts. These included reducing executive salaries, reducing take-home cars, reducing staff, and cutting unnecessary overtime. She has proposed reviewing other town expenditures and making long-term changes to further reduce the budget deficit.

The state's fiscal crisis is our fiscal crisis. The state will be sending us less money, and Vicki knows that no cuts are off the table. Importantly, she opposes spending $1.8 million of our town savings to artificially balance the budget. She understands that this is like draining your retirement account to pay your credit card bill. Eventually, you will run out of savings. Eventually, the bill will come due. Vicki sees this accounting trickery for what it is. You do too. The better idea - Vicki's idea - is to avoid these budget gimmicks and reduce spending.

Vicki has proven her commitment to obtaining resident input before making expensive, long-term spending decisions. She demanded giving people a voice by holding a referendum on the new community center, which will cost $20 million in new bonding. Vicki believes that if we are going to make fundamental changes to the character of our Town, especially when we are already in a $2.8 million budget hole, our citizens should have the right to vote on it. Why are we afraid of a referendum? She also opposes unnecessarily selling off Trumbull’s municipal buildings and has fought against the proposed new trash tax, which will force Trumbull residents to pay more to have their garbage hauled away.

Vicki’s experience as a tax professional, combined with her many years of service as a town volunteer, public servant and elected official, make her the clear choice for first selectman.
Andrew R. Lubin