Letter: Tesoro can be heard loud and clear

To the Editor:
I am not a big fan of “Letters to the Editor.” As I read the June 11 edition of the Trumbull Times and Mr. Costantini’s rendition of the June Town Council meeting I was reminded why these letters are such a problem for me.
One would think that when our Town Council Majority Leader is describing a meeting he would present a full picture of the events without distortion or omission. Unfortunately, when it comes to “Letters to the Editor,” it is clearly not necessary to include all of the facts because the bottom line is whatever is written is just one person’s opinion. I’m pretty sure that most readers are savvier than most writers’ would think and can read between the lines, but nonetheless I am still not a fan.
So why am I compelled to reply to such a letter? Now that Mrs. Tesoro has announced her intent to run, I am sure that there will be plenty written in an attempt to discredit her. I am happy to leave the back and forth of that to those who enjoy playing political ping pong.
The sole reason I am responding is that the idea that anyone would question Vicki Tesoro’s honesty, fairness and integrity is so preposterous that I could not stay silent. Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet her, work with her or is lucky enough to call her a friend will attest to the FACT that she is not only honest and fair, but also dedicated, driven, hard-working and kind.
In the almost 20 years that I have known her, I cannot think of one instance when she was anything but transparent. She says what she means and means what she says.
The headline “Tesoro’s silence was deafening” is almost laughable to those of us who know her well. Of course, since this is a “Letter to the Editor,” all of the above statements may just be my opinion.
I hope that over the next four months, the people of Trumbull truly take the time to get to know Vicki and form their own.
Lori Hayes-O’Brien