Letter: Target range at Indian Ledge Park is disturbing the peace

To the Editor:

I moved to Trumbull for many reasons and treasure the pastoral yet suburban opportunities it affords me. I have wind chimes in my backyard and enjoy that our property borders a small patch of conservation land which provides us with views of all sorts of wildlife. Unfortunately, the peace and beauty has vanished now that the target range for our police department has opened at Indian Ledge Park.

While I value and appreciate the good work our police officers do in protecting Trumbull, and recognize that target practice is necessary, I find the constant, daily rounds of guns firing jarring, invasive and disruptive to my work and well-being.

Perhaps there is a way to muffle this sound? Can they attach silencers to the weapons? Or, move this range substantially further away from any residential areas within earshot?

I’ve spoken to my town councilman, Mike London, about this issue. He concurred that the noise is clearly audible, but had no recommendations as to how to solve the problem. The sound of gunshots, for many of us, is just awful— a daily and constant reminder of Sandy Hook up the road, and so many other events in  the news.

Trumbull, and our own homes, was and should be a safe, quiet sanctuary despite the fact that our officers need to train for their work. Now, my house sounds like a battlefield.
Allison B. Spitzer