Letter: Taking a path of collegiality and equality in politics

To the Editor:

I believe this Nov. 4 is a prime opportunity for the town of Trumbull to start down the path of collegiality and equality in our local politics.

Tara Cook-Littman is running for state Representative in the 134th District. What does this mean for all of Trumbull? If she wins, she’s a voice for us at the state level. District 4 get out and vote on 11/4. Why?

Tara isn’t a career politician. As she’s advocated on behalf of environmental/health topics at the state capitol, she’s built relationships and has state-level support. These efforts are what inspired Tara to run for office as she often witnessed political agendas trump Connecticut’s needs.

While Tara is passionate about nutrition, in her pursuit for state Representative, Tara’s focus expands dramatically.

• Tara is adamant about governmental transparency;

• Tara believes in addressing high taxes openly, by way of comprehensively addressing spending;

• Tara believes we need effective leadership in Hartford to make sure the state fully funds its educational expense obligations, lifting burden off local taxpayers.

Although a current and active Fairfield resident, Trumbull holds a large portion of Tara’s heart as her sister lives in our town and her parents are still in Easton.

Yes, it is time to vote for the change we want and deserve in representation for Trumbull. Trumbull District 4 I ask that you please vote for Tara Cook-Littman on Nov. 4.

Paige Francis