To the Editor:

Memorial Day is upon us once again. Memorial Day is set aside each year in thanksgiving for those veterans who paid the ultimate price for their service to this country, a difference from Veterans Day when we honor all veterans.

Everything that we are able to do in our lives — life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness — is a gift from veterans. We should cherish this knowledge.

There are memorials that Americans can visit here in the states — the World War II Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington are two. The D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia is memorable and in a quiet setting. (Bedford lost more men on D-Day than any other so that is the reason of its location).

Closer to home, the Iwo Jima Memorial is in New Britain, Connecticut.

So, enrich your learning experience. Over Memorial Day weekend, take the time and the opportunity to give thanks for our true heroes — the veterans of our wars!
Suzanne Burr Monaco