Letter — Take a moment to appreciate libraries

To the editor:
During National Library Week April 9-15, please take a moment to appreciate what our libraries have offered us since they were conceptualized by Ben Franklin in the 1700s.
This year’s theme is “Libraries = Strong Communities” and those of us in Trumbull are fortunate to have two public libraries, along with our school libraries, in a relatively small town. They act as cultural and social centers for people of all abilities like no other institution in town.
Beyond the books to read, they offer valuable tools and resources and are continually changing to meet the demands of today’s technology. They give us the space to debate opinions, share insightful ideas and information and play an important role in shaping our creativity and encouraging lifelong learning.
If you love libraries, there are several easy ways to recognize this special week. Please send a quick email to thank a public and/or school librarian or critical volunteers.
If you go on vacation this spring break, take an hour and visit the local library. It has been a “requirement” on most of my family vacations and became some of our fondest memories. There are world famous libraries (https://lithub.com/the-12-most-popular-libraries-in-the-world/) to visit and some within 50 miles from Trumbull. And while you are on vacation, enjoy that free audio of the latest bestseller for free through the Hoopla site, and put it on Facebook or Instagram #NationalLibraryWeek.
Call or email your local, state and federal leaders and ask them to refrain from any budget cuts that could have a significant impact on library service and the more than 1.5 billion people who rely on them.
Throughout the week, join in on the celebrations, conferences and events in honor of our libraries. There are always interesting programs that strive to be relevant by keeping up with current trends and interests. Today in Trumbull, you can sign up for chess club, baby reading time, teen sewing time, mindful mediation and job searches for 50-year-olds.
Libraries transform learning into adventure and success. You get to escape your everyday life with a quiet place to read your favorite story, plan your dream vacation or build the business you always wanted to lead.
This April, with several library recognition dates to choose from, take some time to feed your soul, engage with your community and support your local library.
Alice Ferreira