Letter: Swim hour for special needs children is welcome opportunity

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Mary Markem and the Trumbull Recreation Department for graciously opening Beaches Pool on Tuesdays from 9-10 a.m. for children identified with special needs and their families.

My five year-old son, TJ, loves to swim. He has so much fun splashing, jumping, and playing in the water. When we attend public swim sessions many people enjoy watching him. He is very entertaining and usually draws a crowd.

What people might not know is that TJ’s reaction to the water is a result of a sensory processing disorder. He gets overstimulated and does not have any sense of the dangers of water. TJ has been attending aqua therapy and has made great progress. My husband and I take him to Beaches Pool as often as possible to practice, but the loud noise and crowd make it impossible to swim. He likes to show off and we all have fun splashing around.

I share this with you so that you will truly understand how grateful I am for the special needs family swim. Today, only a few families showed up but it was a great success. TJ was able to focus and follow directions — he began to blow bubbles and take his head out of the water. When it came time to get out, TJ threw his usual tantrum, but we were able to calm him down much easier and did not have to worry about causing such a scene.

This one hour of pool time gave our family the opportunity to enjoy the pool without the stress that often comes with attending public sessions. I hope that more families will take advantage of the next few Tuesdays.

Thank you again Mary Markem and the Town of Trumbull for giving families this opportunity.

Stacey Tellis