Letter: Sutherland will only serve Trumbull

To the Editor:

On Nov. 4 Trumbull voters in the 123rd District have the opportunity to elect Doug Sutherland to the State Legislature. The alternative is to re-elect a man whose record is one of service to himself and to special interests outside Trumbull.

Sutherland’s opponent, David Rutigliano, is a partner in a successful restaurant chain, a man who appears to serve his investors before his constituents and the people of Connecticut.

He staunchly opposed legislation, recently signed by Governor Malloy, raising the minimum wage. His vote was a thumb in the eye for our state’s middle class workers.

He has gone so far as to say “Connecticut servers make more than any service (people) east of Nevada… $25 an hour with their claimed tips.” Left unsaid is that servers are excluded from this legislation because they receive tips. This smoke screen reinforces his desire to enrich himself and his partners on the backs of his lowest paid workers.

Before he won state office, Rutigliano was Legislative Chairman of Government Relations for the Connecticut Restaurant Association. Is he still? Rutigliano serves on the legislature’s General Law Committee - the one that regulates alcoholic beverage sales. Is representing his industry and not recusing himself during committee votes a conflict of interest? You decide.

Doug Sutherland has no such questionable alliances. He is a fiscal moderate who supports fair wages, strong schools and a clean environment. He will work for all of Trumbull.

On Nov. 4, vote Doug Sutherland — give Trumbull a brighter future.

Scott Kokosa