Letter: Supporting Sen. Musto

To the Editor:

Tuesday, August 12 is the 122nd District State Senatorial Primary.

There's a wise old saying that needs remembering: Don't Fix What's Not Broken.

I wholeheartedly support the re-election of State Sen. Anthony Musto.

Why would anyone want to replace a Senator who actually gets things done; who actually listens; who immediately responds to his constituents? A state Senator who gives you his word — and then keeps it?

It's called Integrity.

On Friday, July 18, Sen. Musto invited me to the ceremonial signing of Public Act 14-133: Access to Birth Certificates and Parental Health Information for Adopted Adults.

Sen. Anthony Musto is a large part of why adoptee rights finally got signed into law this year, after 40 years of effort.

We still have more to do. However, this bill gives adoptees born after 1983 full rights. Next year, again with Sen. Musto's help, we will work to see that ALL Connecticut's adopted adults have full rights.

It was an honor to stand in the Governor's office as he signed this landmark civil rights legislation. Sen. Musto understands that adult adoptee rights is indeed a civil rights issue. Since 9/11 an original birth certificate is needed to obtain a U.S. passport. Where does that leave adoptees?

I am proud to support Sen. Anthony Musto in this primary and in November.

Voters, don't fix what's not broken. We have the very best in Sen. Anthony Musto.

Carol Hudak