Letter: Support for McHugh

To the Editor:

On July 22 I will be casting a vote for Lainie McHugh.

Over the past few years, Ms. McHugh has gone out of her way to make us a better informed town.

In her role as a concerned parent—and not a public official—Lainie McHugh has educated the people of Trumbull about the town’s budget and the challenges we face. She has invested time, reaching out to various civic organizations, taking us through the details and sharing fresh ideas. In these presentations, she has demonstrated a command of the issues and a passion for doing what’s right for all.

In their letters to the editor on June 20, her opponent took that opportunity to point fingers and place blame. Lainie McHugh used that same space to lay out a detailed plan and well-thought-out ideas. That’s what we need from our elected leaders. And I encourage you to join me on July 22 and vote for Lainie McHugh.

Ed Gillespie