Letter: Support for Bill Haberlin July 22

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Bill Haberlin for the Board of Finance Special Election on July 22.

Bill is the most qualified candidate for the Board of Finance. He is a father, grandfather, small business owner and an experience town legislator. As a current member of the Board of Finance, Bill was appointed by First Selectman Tim Herbst to fill a vacant seat. Bill has work tirelessly on the 2014-2015 budget and has a deep knowledge of the town’s finances and is committed to adequately funding our town while keeping our tax increases at a low level.

His opponent has publicly advocated for an 11.6% tax increase, publicly advocated for increasing funding for teachers at the high school at the expense of our elementary schools, advocated for an increase in the pay-to-participation fees, and advocated against full day kindergarten. Trumbull taxpayers cannot afford to have Lainie McHugh on our Board of Finance.

I urge you to support Bill Haberlin for the Board of Finance. Bill is endorsed by First Selectman Tim Herbst and over 30 Trumbull elected officials. He is the right choice for Board of Finance.

Dee Chiota