Letter: Support Tesoro as Trumbull’s next leader

To the Editor:
I am writing letter to express my complete support for Vicki Tesoro as Trumbull’s next leader.
I have known Vicki for eighteen years, first as a parent of one of my students. I also came to know her as a coworker, a PTA leader and finally as a Representative on the Town Council. As a person, Vicki is smart, honest and hardworking. She possesses the drive and loyalty needed to make a difference in our town. As First Selectwoman, she will represent the people of Trumbull honorably and ensure that the voices of all Trumbullites will be heard. She will be thorough and diligent.
Let me give you a few examples: As a teacher in Tashua Elementary School, I watched as Vicki became involved in the PTA. She listened and learned and eventually became PTA President of Tashua, Madison, Trumbull High School as well as PTSA Town Council. During these years she worked tirelessly to do what was best for our youngest citizens, our students. Whether it be fundraising, initiating new programs, advocating for our students or bringing issues to the attention of administrators and the Board of Education she always did so in a professional, thoughtful and thorough manner. Ten years ago as she became aware of the problems of underage drinking, Vicki set out on what in my opinion, is one of her greatest accomplishments — initiating and overseeing TPAUD, (Trumbull Parents Against Underage Drinking) a forum in which she is still very actively involved today.
Lest you think Vicki’s work is only focused on the young of our town, here is another example of how she wants to help all Trumbullites.
A few years ago my husband and I became Pickleball fans, a quickly growing sport, particularly among seniors. Along with several of our townspeople, we approached our Town Recreation in an attempt to find a place to play in Trumbull. When feeling frustrated with a lack of progress after two years, we approached Vicki for help. She listened, did her homework and I am happy to say that because of her help and advocating for the seniors in this town, we now have two lined Pickleball courts at Unity Park.
Whether it’s a critical issue like addressing underage drinking which effects our youth or a more mundane issue such as lining pickleball courts for our seniors – the important thing to know is that she will represent and listen to all of Trumbull — young and old — on all issues that are important to her constituents, whether it be a few or the majority.
I invite you to join me in voting for Vicki Tesoro for First Selectperson on November 3rd. Remember – Vicki for Trumbull. You won’t be sorry.
Fran Pechtol