Letter: Students shouldn't get points for Trump rally attendance

To the Editor

Went to the Trump rally Saturday in Bridgeport.

The Klein only holds 1475 people and it was filled. The small venue was perfect for

viewing and hearing.

I have watched many Trump campaign rallies on TV and internet, but being there up-close and personal, was thrilling and that feeling was shared with my fellow line standers.

I felt like a kid again — you remember, getting to that special concert, knowing all the songs by heart, knowing “what came next.”

Some of my "stand-in line-comrades" were Trumbull High School students. Three of them had gotten together to listen to Trump. None of the three were committed to a candidate but wanted to listen to what Trump had to say. They seemed old enough to drive, but not old enough to vote.

As the crowd swelled, my three “stand-in-line-comrades” quickly took their outerwear T-shirts off, reversed them and started to write a message about the economy on the reversed tees. We talked politics and history and school.

They confessed that they were there because their teacher had told the kids in class that if they went to the rally and had proof they were there, they would get a 10 point boost on their

school project. Unwittingly, I became the proof, I took their photos with my camera and sent

the pictures along to their cell phones. This was their “ticket” to a better grade.

It wasn't until 20 minutes before showtime that the chant of “Get 'em Out' 'Get 'em Out” was chanted. It was just like what we have grown to hear at rallies. There was that certain cadence set to tune that was familiar.

Of course, everyone turned to look at who was being evicted. It was my three comrades, smiling and fist pumping in the air.

Others followed during the course of the event, but the Trumbull students stuck in my mind because of their “reward” of 10 points for proving they were at the rally. Kids stuff and funny, but not so fast.

I'm a Trumbull resident myself, and a taxpayer.  

Seems that the most talked about issue in town is the educational budget. You know the issue: We need more money, or else. Most of us have gotten use to the “need,” which quickly accelerates into "must haves" or else. None of us wants to short change the teachers/schools/ administrators/ students.

But a 10-point academic boost for going to a rally doesn't really “teach” much for anybody.

Our state economy is lumbering. Our towns are ever-hit with direct increasing budgets.

Our schools, on the world stage are ranked at 24th, but our per student cost sets the record for first place by a lot.  

Yeah I know, Bernie Sanders is screaming for free education for our students, and the students are demanding the same, but as taxpayers we know that nothing is free, except maybe  those 10 Bonus points for a high school project that included going to a rally and showing proof that you were there.

So you wonder, where do these thousands of young people get it into their heads that stuff is free, including grades.

I guess they are getting it in our very own school classrooms.
Gail Jarvis