Letter — Student leaders back Tesoro, pledge positive campaign

To the Editor:
In this year’s municipal elections, much is at stake. As students with our eyes set on the future, the issues that animate this election are especially pressing. In November, we will choose leaders who will grapple with a changing economy, shifting priorities, and a state confronting unprecedented financial challenges. Yet, amidst these challenges, there is great opportunity to forge a better future.
The undersigned are seniors at Trumbull High. We will vote for the first time in November. We represent a cross section of our school including athletes, members of the We the People Team, chamber choir singers, marching band musicians, agriscience and aquaculture students, both Student Board of Education Representatives, the valedictorian and salutatorian, presidents of the FFA, National Honor Society and Senior Class, and many more.
We couldn’t be more proud to fully support Vicki Tesoro for re-election.
We could list Vicki’s first term accomplishments, and how we’ve seen firsthand how Vicki’s investments in our schools have helped lift up us and our classmates. We could tell you about Vicki’s investments in our police and fire departments, new Trumbull businesses, safer intersections, and 360,000 square feet of responsible development.
But we’d like to focus on something else: character.
The character of our community and our country is in crisis. We’ve learned about the values that are supposed to be inherent in our democratic system: consensus, reason, civility, liberty, and empathy. Outside of our classrooms, however, we see political leadership that too often neglects these values. But here in Trumbull, Vicki Tesoro has defied this smallness and instead chooses to lead with principles we can all be proud of.
Vicki has appointed more Republicans to commissions than her predecessor did Democrats in eight years. When faced with tough budget decisions, Vicki didn’t fudge the numbers. She made the hard decisions to keep our town on sound fiscal footing. Honesty and fiscal responsibility are two more traits that are in seemingly rare supply elsewhere in government.
For our schools, Vicki has been a steadfast ally. All of us can recount numerous stories of times when Vicki was there to support us. And Vicki doesn’t just show up for a photo op. Through her leadership, results, and character, Trumbull is a more welcoming place to start a family and a business. This is a positive thing for everyone, young and old, who calls Trumbull home.
In this election season, we urge everyone to act with respect and neighborly affection towards their fellow citizens. Our disagreements may be impassioned, but common values and friendship should always come before politics.We who will be volunteering on Vicki’s campaign pledge to follow her example. We will remain policy-oriented and will not launch negative character attacks. We will reach out to voters of every political persuasion, and will always act in a manner this town can be proud of. We hope that every member of our community can pledge to do this too. Come November, let’s re-elect a leader who stands for all of us: Vicki Tesoro.
Michael Cerulli
Kyle Beck
Manan Manchanda
Camryn Fetzer
Chris Lepore
Nigel Hayes
Adith Velvan
Josie Magnotti
George James
Alli Gallucci
James Gallo
Daniella Chuka
Soumya Ganti
Hannah Auten
Webster Williams
Jacqueline Mate
Matt Nusom
Graham Pelligra
Savannah Mantone
Cade Toth
Mike McHugh
Adam Klem
Kim Rodrigues
Libby Rhodes
Josh Capello