Letter: Strength in diversity, dignity

To the Editor:

“We believe that there is strength in diversity and that all individuals are worthy of our respect and dignity.”

 This statement, taken directly from the Core Beliefs of the Trumbull Public Schools, should be the foundation from which the Board of Education sets an example in building the family, school and community partnership essential to our schools’ success.

I would like to become a part of that foundation and respectfully ask for your vote in November.

It was the schools that originally brought me to Trumbull in 1998 with my infant daughter and it is the schools that will keep me here as an empty-nester, providing the core for a strong and desirable community.

As owner of Home Veterinary Services, I first appreciated that Town Hall was more than a place to pay taxes when I initiated and followed through with a Planning and Zoning application to bring the Professional Office Overlay District to upper Church Hill Road.  I now enjoy owning a successful small business located in the circa-1918 home I restored in the original spirit of the district.

My critical thinking skills and my willingness to listen, cooperate and compromise will be an asset to the Board should I be elected. I thank Vicki Tesoro for including me, an unaffiliated voter, on her ticket. I ask for your vote in November for this inclusive team where the focus is on a respectful, collaborative environment, one where differing points of view are not divisive, but an opportunity to build strength.

Kathleen Fearon, 

Board of Education candidate