Letter — Stewart is a stand-out candidate

Finally, a candidate I can get behind.

This week I was thrilled to finally see a Republican candidate step up that I believe can inspire and bring together a large portion of voters in our state from all areas of the political landscape. She is not your cookie cutter anything.

Erin Stewart appeals to me as a Republican woman who is fiscally conservative and socially moderate. Her positive attitude about our state is refreshing and greatly needed. She made me feel hopeful for the first time in a long time.

I have been watching Erin since she ran for mayor the first time. Notice I said watching her, not just listened to her. Much of what you can learn about a person is how they carry themselves, how they interact and how they present their message as they put forth their policies.

Mayor Stewart is one of the most impressive leaders I’ve seen in a very long time.

This year’s election is about many things but most of all it is about change. It is about Jobs, the economy and making the hard choices on spending and infrastructure. The one thing we have seen during her time in office is Erin Stewart does not shy away from the difficult decisions.  

I am proud to support Erin Stewart for Connecticut State Governor. In a sea of blue and grey suits, she stands out as the leader we all knew she would be; someone who gives the residents of Connecticut hope for the future of the state that we love.

Cindy Penkoff