Letter — State needs hard-working, principled leaders

Jason Marsh
Jason Marsh

It’s easier to talk about how things should be than it is to make those things happen. It takes a rare combination of desire, skill and the leadership to motivate others to effect positive change. Luckily for Trumbull, Ashley Gaudiano has all these qualities and has brought them to bear as a Town Council representative.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Ashley for nearly a year and have been impressed with her passion and dedication to making Trumbull a better place for all. She has led by example, logging the long hours necessary to ensure a mastery of the issues and the needs of her constituents.

Whether it be the town budget, exploring regionalization of municipal services or improving community outreach and engagement, Ashley is consistently a thought leader and driving force within our caucus.

Above all, Ashley is focused less on the “Democrat” and “Republican” labels that so often serve as barriers to progress, and more on the singular community in which we all work, live and play. As a mother of two young children, an attorney, and small business owner, Ashley knows that it is the neighbors she sees at the local grocery store who matter, not the letter that may be circled on their voter registration card. It is because of this unique perspective that I unequivocally support her candidacy for the 134th District General Assembly seat.

The challenges facing the State of Connecticut are well documented. Now is the time to send hard-working, principled and open-minded people like Ashley to Hartford to put an end to the partisan, party-line voting that has hurt our state for far too long.

Please join me and support Ashley Gaudiano for state representative in November.

Jason Marsh, majority leader

Trumbull Town Council