Letter: St. Vincent’s Medical Center extends sincerest appreciation to local EMS partners

This week is National EMS Week and St. Vincent’s Medical Center would like to pay its appreciation to Trumbull EMS.
This week is National EMS Week and St. Vincent’s Medical Center would like to pay its appreciation to Trumbull EMS.

To the Editor:

“911 – What is your emergency?”

The chain of survival starts with this first call. But the call went out many years ago as the first ambulance trained pre-hospital provider went out to treat people who were sick and injured. In horse drawn carriage and with minimal equipment, these heroes answered the call.

When you think about this year’s theme — “EMS Strong: Called to Care” — your thoughts turn to the obvious, just call 911. Every day, first responders, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics, whether volunteer or paid, are called to provide vital emergency care to anyone who needs it. This response comes in minutes, with a sense of urgency and professionalism that is unparalleled.

In the field and in civilian life, EMS providers risk harm to themselves, no matter what the scene. They apply the science of advanced prehospital care to meet the need of the patient by bringing the hospital to the patient.

For these responders, being called to care takes on a greater meaning. For them, this isn’t just a “job.” These responders do not work in Emergency Medical Services because they want to be accepted, liked, or recognized. They provide aid people who are sick and injured because they are drawn to. Because deep inside, it speaks to what we are: Called to Care.

Advanced pre-hospital emergency medical care has evolved from horse-drawn carriages to high tech critical care transport ground vehicles. From helicopters to fixed wing aircraft with professional care providers with skills to manage complex medical and surgical patients.

The American College of Emergency Physicians has designated May 15-21, 2016 as the 21st National EMS Week. St. Vincent’s Medical Center extends its sincerest appreciation to our local EMS partners, our EMS partners across Connecticut, and across the country for the work that they do for our patients and community, each and every day.

Doodnauth Hiraman, MD, FACEP

Chairman, Emergency Services

EMS Medical Director

Terence Sheehan, BA, CCEMTP, EMS-I

EMS Coordinator, St. Vincent’s Medical Center