Letter: Shocked we can't hang on to the farmers market; what's going on?

To the Editor:

I am shocked that Trumbull can’t even hang onto the Farmers Market. First we lose Dunkin Donuts, then Frances’s Bakery, then the Pet Supply shop, then Porricelli’s, and now the Farmers Market! What is going on? Would we rather have a large vacant building in Trumbull Center (since 2012) than a gourmet food market like they have in almost every surrounding town?

Kudos to Nancy Moore, organizer of the Trumbull Farmers Market, for deciding not to return, given the over-the-top regulations. I will miss having the market and resent that I have to drive to neighboring towns to get fresh local goods and specialty items because the beloved town where I’ve resided for nearly 45 years can’t even hang onto a seasonal farmers’ market.

The Town of Trumbull should be doing everything in its power to entice vendors to the town — a town that is sorely lacking in the specialty shops, bakeries, fish markets, good cafes, etc. that you see in all neighboring towns. I just don’t get it.

Beverly Boehmke