Letter — Shocked at attempts to silence voters

I grew up in Trumbull and about six months ago my wife and I moved back to town. We rejoined my immediate and extended family here with the hopes of settling down and starting a family of our own. As someone who has been frustrated with what has been going on in this country politically it was important to me to become active in my community. You can either complain or you can do something. I probably have just complained too often in the past.

I wasn't sure what to expect from local politics but I certainly didn't expect what I found: Trumbull as a microcosm for what is happening nationally. Despite local politics having little to do with the national issues that are so often used to divide us, and both parties being in favor of the same things: low taxes, good education, and a safe and pleasant place to live, the situation here clearly mirrors what is sadly happening across the country.

But what shocked me the most have been the attempts of the current administration to limit and silence the voice and the votes of the people of Trumbull. This is evident in the behind closed doors efforts to move forward on a high cost community center without a town referendum, and the refusal of Town Council Speaker Carl Massaro to consider a petition signed by over 2,500 voters to let the town vote on the number of voting districts. This was changed from 7 to 4 a few years ago leading to lower voter turnout and longer lines. This also mirrors something we have seen nationally from the same party: gerrymandering.

This concerted effort to govern without representation is not good politics. It is antidemocratic and is a clear dereliction of duty on the part of those who were elected to represent us. At this point we may not have a specific referendum on the community center or the number of districts, but our town elections do give us an opportunity for a referendum on how we choose to be represented. I am running for Town Council in District 1 because I want to represent my neighbors and their needs. I am proud to be a member of Team Tesoro with many other candidates who feel the same way.

I hope that on November 7th Trumbull will see a real change. But regardless of your positions, I highly encourage you all to come out and vote. It is clearly more important than ever that we not only make our voices heard but also hold our elected officials responsible to us as voting citizens.