Letter: Sensitivity Day another success

To the Editor:

As the school year comes to a close, we would love to recognize all the Sensitivity Day program volunteers who continue to make it a success.

Sensitivity Day is Trumbull Parents of Students with Learning Differences (TPSLD) program designed to enable all Trumbull fourth grade students to experience a variety of physical and learning disabilities that impact student’s every-day life. The one-hour program hopes to increase awareness and sensitivity of these differences in the safe environment at the student’s school. The program begins in the classroom with a discussion of differences, tolerance and the importance of being open and sensitive to all people in our diverse world. The children move onto hands-on learning stations in the gym. The program concludes with a classroom discussion and worksheet on the students' feelings on the program. Hopefully students come away with new or improved skills necessary to build and maintain relationships with children of all abilities after participating in Sensitivity Day.

On the same day, we host a “Read Aloud” program where all the other other grades have a special guest read an age appropriate book about children managing special needs and their stories of courage and success. We want to thank all of the volunteers who come time and time again for their support.

Sensitivity Day would not be possible without the unwavering support of Trumbull Public Schools, PTA Council, all the elementary schools and the outstanding volunteer community organizations and volunteers who make it happen. These volunteers donate over 25 hours a year to ensure the program continues. We would like to thank Kennedy Center; Alan Gunzburg and Fidelco Guide Dogs; Sarah Dipinto; retired Tashua School principal Charlotte Janis and St. Vincent’s Special Needs for their personal and professional time for this program.

A special thank you To Mary Markham who has been a huge supporter of TPSLD, not only for her steadfast support for Sensitivity Day, but also for pioneering our first ever town-wide special needs summer recreation camp.

Sensitivity Day, also would like to thank the Town of Trumbull for hosting the first ever art exhibit of the student written and pictures of what they learned during the Sensitivity program at their elementary schools. We hope to continue the program’s success of fostering positive attitudes and promote empathy among our young students.

Alice Ferreira,

Trumbull Parents of Students with Learning Differences