Letter: Seniors deserve snack bar

To the Editor:

Seniors pay taxes but cost Trumbull the least of all.

Public education is the bulk of Trumbull’s expenses. Seniors do not have students getting this help — help that we agree is a good use of tax money.

There is only the senior center. It is a lifeline for many. There are seniors who enjoy social contact they would not otherwise have without the center. Healthy activities too. For some, it is all or most of what they have.

A snack bar is not much to ask for. It is the food, but it is also the companionship. Companion refers to one we eat bread with.

As a voting group we give the same in taxes but need and get less spent on us, probably including police intervention and court activity. The senior center is a lifeline, literally. A functioning snack bar will be a welcome strengthening of that.

Consideration and kindness, perhaps equity, suggest this is so.

Our push for this is not “emotional” as remarked at a meeting about the snack bar. There is feeling involved but also reasoned judgment.

H.K. Dale, MD