Letter: Senator should represent the entire district, not just Bridgeport

To the Editor:

On Aug. 12th, the Democrats of the 22nd Senate District, which covers Trumbull, Monroe and a part of Bridgeport, spoke loud and clear. Unfortunately, in their shortsighted vision, they chose Marilyn Moore as the Democratic candidate in the upcoming November elections. I can only imagine the their shock when Ms. Moore declared that “she had crossed the biggest hurdle” and she is “going to take back what belongs to Bridgeport.” Belongs to Bridgeport? To be clear, the State Senator from the 22nd district represents all of Trumbull, all of Monroe and a portion of Bridgeport. Our State Senator represents the entire district, not just a portion of the district.

Rick Costantini is the ONLY choice for State Senator. Rick was born in Bridgeport, spent his childhood in Bridgeport and Monroe and is a graduate of St. Joseph High School in Trumbull and he currently resides in Trumbull. With roots in all three communities, Rick is passionate about serving all of the residents of the 22nd district.

Rick is the only choice that will bring common sense to Hartford and push for a smaller and smarter government, reduce frivolous government spending, stand up to the status quo, fight for local issues such as job creation, transportation and lower taxes. We need common sense representation in Hartford.

Rick Costantini is the ONLY choice to represent the needs of the citizens of the 22nd district, including Trumbull. I ask you to join me in voting for Rick on November 4th and ensuring that Trumbull, Monroe and Bridgeport have equal and fair representation in Hartford.

Paul S. Lavoie

Chairman, Trumbull RTC