Letter — Scinto is an excellent choice for Town Council

Rarely does an opportunity come along to so whole-heartedly endorse someone running for public office, yet such is the case with Kayla Scinto, who is running for Town Council.

I have known Kayla for several years, and most recently had the pleasure of working with her in my real estate business where she interned.

To say that I was impressed by Kayla’s performance would be an understatement. She is wise beyond her years, has impeccable follow-up and attention to detail and was a real team player.

But what impressed me most about Kayla was that she spoke her mind. She repeatedly found better ways for us to operate, improved several efficiencies and never assumed that the way we were doing something was necessarily the best way. Her business acumen was wildly impressive and our entire team came to rely on her.

Having had the chance to see how Kayla operates up close and having been the majority leader of the Town Council myself in the past, I can say beyond any doubt that Kayla would make an excellent addition to the council and public servant on behalf of Trumbull.

Though she may be young, she has the wisdom to ask questions and the knowledge to understand the issues.

I would not be surprised in the least if Kayla were to take on a larger leadership role within the town in the coming years, and I heartedly urge all voters in her district to vote for her.
Chadwick Ciocci (R) 
Trumbull Town Council 2006-13