Letter — Say 'no' to overdevelopment

Mark Block
Mark Block

It’s time we had responsible, controlled development that truly enhances the character of our community and doesn’t deplete the peacefulness of our neighborhoods. This doesn’t work, in my opinion, when zoning applications come forward for office or other buildings in areas known as somewhat historical gateways to Trumbull, such as the most recent application before the planning and zoning commission.

We have areas of town that are under-performing and underutilized where it’s appropriate for what could potentially be another commercial development, thus growing our grand list without developing Main Street from one end of town to the other. Whether you live in the Tashua or Nichols, Long Hill or Daniel’s Farm districts, or anywhere across town we should demand better and expect more in community planning from our elected leaders. We should insist on the responsiveness from our planning and zoning commissioners and the administration in town hall to uphold the character of Trumbull while promoting underutilized areas of town that have minimal impact on residential neighborhoods. In that way we can all benefit.

Mark Block, secretary

Trumbull Republicans