Letter — Rutigliano works for us

Mark Block — Trumbull GOP photo
Mark Block — Trumbull GOP photo

With Election Day a few short weeks away we see the lawn signs, literature and door-to-door campaigning one would expect as the leaves change color and autumn envelopes the landscape.

What is unmistakable this year is the critically important vote necessary to begin to turn Connecticut around. After years of failed leadership in Hartford, the time has come for Connecticut residents to say “no” to more tax hikes, “no” to further reductions in services, “no” to sweeping under the rug the necessary systemic changes required to get our state moving forward again.

In Trumbull, we are fortunate to have state representatives whose concern for getting results has served as a wake-up call to other communities across the state, a call that will help upend the stagnant state leadership and failed policies we can literally no longer afford.

State Representative Dave Rutigliano understands Trumbull. He shares our values and priorities as a family man and business owner. He also knows just what to put on the menu to satisfy our appetites.

As a job creator, Dave is someone who works in the economy of reality not fantasy and understands how to make Connecticut better for all our citizens. Dave and his gifted colleagues Laura Devlin and Ben McGorty know that Connecticut is not Washington. Our issues are often different than national ones, and the failure of one-party governing in our state has dropped Connecticut to the bottom in so many areas nationally. We can’t afford that anymore. We can’t afford not to have Dave and Laura and Ben and Rich Deecken, candidate for State Senate working hard for us in Hartford.

These dedicated public servants possess the ability to work across party aisles to correct Connecticut’s problems – and they won’t do it on the backs of the hard-working men and women of our state through new or increased taxes.

So, when you enter the voting booth in a few weeks, remember who has worked diligently and exhaustively for Trumbullites and have all vowed to do so in the coming term. Remember Dave Rutigliano, Laura Devlin, Ben McGorty and Rich Deecken, if you do you’ll be helping put Connecticut back on track.

Mark Block, District 3

Trumbull Republicans