Letter: Rutigliano simply gets it

To the Editor:

I own a small business that provides services to other businesses. In recent years, multiple clients have left Connecticut due to the high cost of doing business and a lack of available skilled labor. The adverse impact of business departures is felt by all of us.

We need to elect people to the General Assembly who understand the concerns of business owners, understand how business works and understand the importance of a vibrant business community to the financial well being of Connecticut. When I learned two years ago that Dave Rutigliano was seeking to represent Trumbull in the legislature, I was delighted. Simply put, Dave “gets it.” Dave understands the critical role of business and economic development to the financial viability of our state, understands the challenges that business owners face every day and is not in denial about the financial condition that our state is in. I wholeheartedly support the re-election of Dave Rutigliano as the Representative for the 123rd District. Dave is committed to service to others and brings a common sense approach, in addition to his business acumen, to the position.

Jeffrey Donofrio