Letter: Rutigliano is our mechanic in Hartford

To the Editor:

As we are in full campaign swing, the problems in Connecticut are clear. Connecticut ranks as one of the worst states in job creation, we are last to recover from the recession and we are one of the least business friendly states in America. That is exactly why we need to re-elect David Rutigliano for State Representative in the 123rd district in Trumbull.

David is a small business owner and a job creator. He understands, first hand, what the problems are facing Connecticut and he knows how to solve our problems. He is a common sense representative who is hands-on in Hartford and active in Trumbull. David knows that small business owners are the lifeblood of any economy. They create jobs; provide opportunities for people to succeed and they invest their money in the local economy.

When you car is broken, you don’t take it to an engineer to tell you what is wrong, you take it to a mechanic to get it fixed. Dave is our mechanic in Hartford — he knows what’s wrong with Connecticut and most importantly, how to fix it. Please join me in sending David Rutigliano back to Hartford to fix Connecticut and return our great state to economic prosperity.

Paul S. Lavoie, Chairman

Trumbull RTC