Letter — Rutigliano fights for education

Jacqueline Norcel — Trumbull GOP photo
Jacqueline Norcel — Trumbull GOP photo

Please join me in supporting David Rutigliano for State Representative in the 123rd District in Trumbull.

Dave is a vocal and strong supporter of education. As the father of two teenage sons, Dave has fought in Hartford to restore the devastating cuts to our education budget imposed by the Democrats and Governor Malloy.

In addition, Dave protected us against Dan Malloy’s plan to move the pension costs from the state budget to local budgets. This move would be devastating to the Trumbull education system and would result in large tax increases for Trumbull taxpayers.

Malloy’s plan to move the cost of the teachers’ pension to the towns would have meant devastating cuts to our Trumbull children’s quality educations (class size, resources and teaching materials, and extracurricular activities). Dave fought hard in the last budget cycle and along with his Republican peers, was able to prevent these policies from becoming law.

Dave supported a no tax increase budget this year that finely implemented a constitutional spending cap that was demanded by voters in 1991.

It took 27 years, strong leadership and a closely divided house to get it done, imagine what we could do with a new majority in Hartford. We need Dave Rutigliano in Hartford, fighting for Trumbull students/teachers and working to prevent bad policies from having a dramatic impact on our Schools. Support education and vote for Dave Rutigliano on November 6.

Jacqueline J. Norcel (R)

Board of Education