Letter — Rutigliano, a candidate for all of Connecticut

David Pia
David Pia

To the Editor:

This past year, the residents of Connecticut faced yet another tax. Governor Malloy and most of the Democrats in our state’s legislature were pushing hard to implement tolls on our thruway, and parkway.

State Representative David Rutigliano stood firm in his fight for all of the Connecticut residents who would represent an estimated 70% of the revenue paid to the state via these tolls. Because of the strong stance against this “additional tax” by Representative Rutigliano and his Republican colleagues in Hartford, all Connecticut residents are able to keep a little more of our own hard earned money in our own pockets.

In a common sense statement on the tolls, Representative Rutigliano said, "Connecticut does not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. Until we seriously reconsider how we spend taxpayers' dollars, we cannot impose yet another tax upon the residents of Connecticut." Amen!

Representative Rutigliano, sponsored a legislative forum among all of his constituents to listen and speak to us in regard to the horrific opioid crisis in our state, and country. He fervently supported, and worked diligently to pass legislation to address the opioid issue which has led to the heroin epidemic, and has sadly hit us so close to home.

Here in Trumbull, Representative Rutigliano has stepped up, and fought hard to bring some of our state tax dollars back to Trumbull in the way of grants for our parks, and safety needs. He is a volunteer on the little league field, a successful businessman who employs hundreds of local residents, a caring husband, father, and a friend to us all.

It is an honor, and a privilege to endorse a candidate for public office, who has a proven track record of representing all of his constituents, for all of the right reasons. Please get out and vote to re-elect State Representative David Rutigliano.

David R. Pia (R-1st)

Trumbull Town Council