Letter: Running to make a difference

To the Editor:

Why am I running for Town Council?

For our kids. As the first member of my family to attend college, I truly appreciate the value of education. I want to ensure that our kids have opportunities, such as advanced curriculum and extracurricular activities, without the threat of further cutbacks or excessive fees.

For responsible spending. When a Town Council votes for a $60,000 blank check to hold a concert, but is okay with not knowing the artist, it’s a problem. When it borrows money and uses savings for everyday spending, it’s a problem. Would you buy a concert ticket without knowing who you were seeing? How long would your household budget last if you bought food and paid monthly bills on credit cards and savings? Our representatives should be more responsible in handling our money.

For those who are tired of “party politics” and people who are more interested in political allegiances than in working towards solutions. I have no patience for such pettiness from either “side,” particularly in a town where most residents belong to neither political party.

For our seniors, to help them stay in their homes and enjoy activities in town, and our families, so neighborhoods are preserved and they have quality places to spend time together.

In short, I’m running for all of Trumbull and to do my honest best to make a positive difference. Please consider casting one of your six votes for me on Election Day.

Scott Wich

Town Council Candidate, District 4