Letter: Rowe is the right person for the job

To the Editor:

A quick smile crossed my face when I got the political mailer from the T.R. Rowe Campaign. In our busy schedules, and our mailboxes full of political campaign literature , its easy to not let this “stuff” be our first read. But the T.R. Rowe mailer was different for me. A young man, with a young family and a strong commitment to people is inspiring and necessary.

I don’t know T.R. Rowe personally, but have met him several times during the course of many years. His smile and easy approach makes him someone you gravitate to. During his time as a state representative, representing Trumbull and surrounding area, it was nice to see T.R.’s approach to people to problems and solutions. He was voted Legislator of the Year by the Connecticut Association of Police Chiefs.

T.R. always seemed ‘ageless’ and unhurried when he spoke with people. That is a gift. There is always that immediate comfort zone so missing in today’s society, let alone with today's politicians. T.R. Rowe has my vote for Judge of Probate. T.R. is not only the best candidate for this position, he is the only candidate to best represent the people of Trumbull, Easton and Monroe.

Gail Jarvis