Letter: Rowe is a tireless public servant

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage my friends and neighbors to vote for Probate Judge T.R. Rowe on Nov. 4. Judge Rowe is a tireless public servant, an experienced attorney and, most importantly, a committed family man.

First elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives in November 1998, he served seven terms representing the 123rd District, which includes most of Trumbull. Prior to his service in the legislature, he served on Trumbull’s Town Council from 1995 to 1999.

An experienced attorney for over 20 years, Judge Rowe has a general law practice with the Law Offices of McNamara & Kenney in Bridgeport. He regularly speaks with groups about probate issues, as well as the role the Probate Court serves in the many different areas of its jurisdiction. He has lectured at Quinnipiac University School of Law on Probate issues, and has served as Acting Judge in multiple other jurisdictions as needed.

Judge Rowe is an honorable member of our community and most importantly, his commitment and character are unparalleled, as his actions have demonstrated throughout his tenure in public service.

He is a dedicated family man and has lived in Trumbull for over 40 years, where he resides with his wife Michelle, sons Joseph, James, John and daughter Gemma.

I look forward to casting my vote Nov. 4 for Judge T.R. Rowe, so that we can keep a committed family man on the family court!

Edna Colucci

Town Council

District 2