Letter: Respecting history, responding to community, and working cooperatively with volunteers

To the Editor:

As the grandson of Italian immigrants, I learned to value neighborhoods and community for the connection they provide in support of family. Community and its volunteers are critical to improving quality of life through recreational, educational, or support services.

As a candidate for Town Council, District 1, my focus will be to strengthen community through policies and practices that encourage public involvement. I believe an engaged Trumbull is a better place.

Trumbull Little League, Tashua Knolls recreation area, Beach Memorial Park, and the Nichols Improvement Association all exist due to a generation of volunteers committed to Trumbull and its future.

Inspired by this, I made initial steps into community service as a school volunteer and parent coach. Then, in 2012, I was elected Vice-President of the Nichols Improvement Association (NIA), an organization that once served as the town’s community center and hosted the first Trumbull Day. Respecting history, responding to community, and working cooperatively with fellow Board members and a Board of Trustees, I implemented a plan to revitalize the association. As President of the NIA for the last two years, I helped increase membership by over 100 families, upgrade 5 Pennies Park, replace the Flagpole, and enhance a beautiful World War I/II memorial on the Nichols Green. Lastly, the NIA worked cooperatively with the town and a long time market volunteer to successfully revitalize the Trumbull Farmers Market. If elected, I wish to bring that same spirit to the Town of Trumbull as a member of Town Council.
Bill Mecca,
 District 1Town Council Candidate