Letter: Residents should receive a proper obituary

To the Editor:
My family and I have lived in Trumbull for 40 years, and having subscribed to your newspaper for those 40 years, I must agree with Susan Quigley’s comments in a recent edition of the Trumbull Times, and I just have to say that we were appalled at your new policy regarding your new “2 line” obituaries!
I am a registered nurse and have seen the pain and agony that most people go through at their time of death and I just can’t believe that you are so cruel and heartless to deprive them of a proper obituary, where their accomplishments during their lifetime are acknowledged.
I doubt that you would deprive members of your own family a proper obituary, giving them the tribute that they certainly deserve. And then how could you possibly charge the grieving family a fee of $200 in order to give their loved one a proper tribute? This is positively unconscionable!
So what this boils down to is this: if you can’t afford $200, then you don’t deserve a proper obituary? How degrading and humiliating! Shame on you! Please reconsider your poor decision and give our deceased loved ones the honor and respect that are due them.
Anne Surber