To the Editor:

An article in the Sept. 3, 2015 edition of The Trumbull Times has me a bit perplexed.

It appeared on page two where our first selectman is taking an interest in Tom Kelly's real estate holdings.  The reason Mr. Herbst gives for this interest is that he wants an assurance from Mr. Kelly that Kelly will complete his term of office on the Board of Finance when he is re-elected.  It seems that Herbst doesn't want the taxpayers to bear the cost of a special election.

While this is a hypothetical question, I find this peculiar since in our election in November 2013, the elected Board of Finance candidate Mr. Rutigliano resigned his seat just before Thanksgiving, less than a month after Election Day.  I don't remember Herbst saying a single word. It seems to me that Mr. Herbst should have asked Mr. Rutigliano to answer the same question then that he now asks of Mr. Kelly.

I expect that all of the candidates running on the 2015 Republican ticket have made a similar promise to the first selectman.
Carole Lalor