Letter — Redgate has the right experience

Election season is always a bittersweet time in the Butler household, bringing back memories of my father Jim’s four terms as Trumbull’s first selectman. However, this year is particularly evocative for our family, and that is due to Michael Redgate.

James Butler was First Selectman from 1973-81; he left a lucrative career in the private sector to run. He won after defeating a six-term incumbent. He had no political experience whatsoever. What he had was a love for this community and a strong desire to serve its people. He brought a unique skill set acquired in the business world, and an ability to negotiate across party lines.

Michael Redgate brings those same distinctive strengths to the table. He is tired of the division in town and sincerely wants to make a difference.

Michael was born in Trumbull, and returned to raise his family. He is the only candidate with children in the school system. His parents live nearby on a fixed income. He runs a business here. Michael understands the issues that affect the voters because he is living them, right alongside of you. And as an unaffiliated candidate, he is not beholden to any party; he is beholden only to you, the voter.

Michael has been a prominent part of the Trumbull community through his myriad volunteer efforts. He has been elected to an executive position in every organization he has served. Pisces Swim, Trumbull Rotary, Unquowa Repertory Theatre, and the Lakewood Trumbull YMCA are but a few. Michael’s peers have always recognized him as a natural leader who gets things accomplished.

Trumbull was served well by its last businessman — my father’s legacy is all over town. The EMS, Tashua Knolls, Westfield mall, police station, library, White Plains firehouse and industrial park expansion are just a few of accomplishments. These were the direct result of business savvy and the ability to put people over party. Michael possesses these same qualities, and is ideally suited to bring us together as #OneTrumbull.

Without hesitation or reservation, the entire Butler family supports Michael Redgate, and humbly asks you to consider the same.