Letter: Reasons for joining the Herbst team

To the Editor:

When my husband and I settled here 9 years ago, we chose Trumbull for its access to amenities, wonderful parks and excellent school system. Not long after Ray Baldwin proposed an 11.6% tax increase with no promise of full-day kindergarten. That election year I first spoke with Tim Herbst discussing the need for full-day kindergarten while keeping Trumbull affordable.

Since taking office in 2009, Herbst has kept tax increases an affordable with a 1.88% increase while enacting full-day kindergarten. All of this occurred without cuts in the education system. Baldwin claimed full-day kindergarten would bring little reward for the investment. As treasurer of the Frenchtown Elementary School PTA, I can tell you that the results from the inaugural class of full-day students have been astounding.

Recently Herbst has been attacked on his failure to foster regional alliances. This is far from true. As the daughter of Newtown's First Selectwoman Pat Llodra, I can assure you there is a strong alliance between Trumbull and its neighbors. Trumbull was one of the first towns to offer manpower in the Sandy Hook Elementary School relocation while Newtown provided plow assistance in the blizzard of 2013.

For all of these reasons I have decided to join the Herbst team as a town council candidate for the fourth district. Let’s keep our town affordable while providing an excellent education system for our children. Please make sure to elect Tim Herbst and his team on November 5, 2013.

Beth Llodra Gilman

Town Council Candidate District 4