Letter: Reale is good man, right candidate

To the Editor:

I am compelled to write a letter to the editor about my friend Matt Reale who is running for Judge of Probate. I do not want to tell you to vote for Matt I wanted you to take a moment to get to know him.

Matt is my friend and I will vote for — friends should act that way. I am voting my head not my heart. Matt stopped by my house because I volunteered to host a lawn sign. I do not see Matt often, but he has been a mentor and friend to my son. I could not think of a finer man for my son to seek counsel from. My first point is that Matt is a good man.

One of Matt’s friends posted a picture of his mom on Facebook standing next to one of his lawn signs, and I know and cherish Mrs. Reale. This is a woman who has faced the obstacles of life and kept on going and she taught her son to do the same. Matt remarked that his mom was just so proud of him, just so very proud. My second point is that Matt is a good son.

I asked Matt about his opponent, and Matt said he was a really good guy and qualified to do the job. In a time when all political discourse is marked by negativity, I was pleased Matt did not. The most important thing is candidates should have a good heart. We have forgotten that, and too often elect people who care about themselves and think nothing of the other guy. My third point is that Matt is a good community member.

I am the type of person who should never take action right away. Through the years I have found myself ready to go off half-cocked, and Matt has talked me off the cliff. I have been so pissed at times — I wanted a fighting tiger and got a kitty cat. In time the wisdom of waiting was always realized. Matt kept me grounded. My fourth point is that Matt is an excellent lawyer.

Some years ago my family was thinking about making a change from one church to another and I mentioned this to Matt. Matt made the case so forcefully for staying where we were that we did for the next few years. We eventually made the change, but it was so shocking that Matt would be so passionate that we delayed by years our choice. My fifth point is that Matt is a person who believes in making things work.

Alas, maybe I am voting with my heart! You may not think of probate much but when your day comes you will want to present your case to Matt. I hope you will take a moment to think about this fine man I am happy to call friend before you make your choice about who to vote for in November.

Above all please get out and vote.

Patrick McGuigan