Letter: Reale deserves everyone's vote

To the Editor:

Every moment of the day is defined by our decisions. At times, they can be frustrating. It is rare to be able to negate all other options, so when I can, I know that I am on to something. Matt Reale has provided me with one of those rare occasions.

Yes, I can go on about Matt and what an exceptional probate attorney he is, but most of you already know that. If not, Google can inform you.

When Matt was president of the Board of Directors for the McGivney Center in Bridgeport (a non-profit community youth organization), I had the opportunity, as a fellow board member, to see other sides of him. Enthusiasm and a commitment to the children were evident. Helping with homework, shooting baskets, and raising money for programming priorities. Matt “walks the talk”.


ersonally, Matt’s composure and ability to take charge impressed me a long time ago. My husband, Matt, my six month old, and myself ventured up to Vermont. At 3 a.m. my baby woke up very sick with a high fever. A hospital visit came next. Matt was the voice of reason, calm, and a true leader, all while dealing with hysterical parents. He has since earned the title of Uncle Matt with my girls. Thank you, Matt.

Matt Reale deserves every vote next month. He epitomizes everything a Judge of Probate should stand for. Let Matt prove to the community what I already know.

Danielle Truini