Letter: Ranger at sledding hill seems ludicrous

To the Editor:

Let it be known that I am all for continued beautification of our parks, but I do have a few questions pertaining to the renovation of the newly “meadowed” area of Twin Brooks Park in Trumbull. Is it really necessary to have a Park Ranger parked at the park entrance at all times when there is snow on the ground to prevent sleigh riding on the famous sleigh riding hill that people from miles around have enjoyed for years and years?

FYI, this area of Twin Brooks Park is labeled as “The Sledding Hill” on the Town of Trumbull map! When there are several inches of snow on the ground, which has been building up over multiple snow storms, how would sleigh riding negatively affect the recently seeded hill? With eight or more inches on the ground preventing sleds from even getting near the seed or ground beneath the snow, it would not do a thing. When the budget and overall plan was proposed for this renovation was this park ranger, and his cost, included? If not, I can only imagine the cost of this person sitting there with truck running for hours upon hours for multiple days in a row. If there is no additional cost because this ranger is already on staff, then, are there other areas of the Trumbull Parks getting neglected? If he is not needed, in other park areas, then do we really need this position at all when there are not sleigh riding hills to guard and protect? Come on, someone needs to take a better look at this and let the kids sleigh ride on one of the best hills in the town!

Let the Ranger come by and see if they are wearing down any particular spot and if that occurs, then (maybe temporarily) shut it down. This full time paid supervision of dormant grass seed growing under an extremely thick blanket of perfect sleigh-riding snow seems ludicrous. Just my 2 cents.

Paddy Jarit