Letter: Providing logic, leadership in best interest of the town

To the Editor:

My name is Fred Garrity Jr. and I would like to thank my fellow citizens of Trumbull, for allowing me to serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission, and I am running for re-election. I simply ask that you judge me on my record and reputation for providing logic, leadership and truly effective bipartisanship in doing what is in the best interest of Trumbull citizens, the Town of Trumbull itself, and Trumbull businesses. It is my strong belief that as we make each decision, we must do what is right for all three stakeholders every time. This commission is too important to allow politically chosen “seat fillers.” Planning and Zoning creates the blueprint for maintaining Trumbull’s awesome character, preserving our quality of life, keeping our town attractive and affordable, while allowing for smart and compatible business growth in the right areas.

Trumbull deserves public servants, not the politically chosen. During 20 years of community service, I have served on Planning and Zoning, the Zoning Board of Appeals and on the Greater Bridgeport Regional Planning Agency, where I was elected by a bipartisan board to serve as its Chairman. As a Democrat, I have been asked by First Selectman Herbst on multiple occasions to serve as a bipartisan recruiting consultant, reviewing resumes and conducting interviews.

I have lived in Trumbull over 20 years, worked in operations, labor relations, served on numerous charity boards, and have an MBA in Business Management. There is no “smoke” here, just real accomplishments, with proven bipartisanship to do what is best for Trumbull. So, please Choose Trumbull, choose Garrity.

Fred Garrity Jr.

Trumbull Planning

and Zoning Commissione